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Published Jan 31. 2022
Even on days when you don't have so much time to go on a big photo tour, you can find interesting motifs while walking. This gap between the trees fascinated me. It looks as if the trees invite you with their branches to go deeper into the forest. As if they reveal the way to another realm.
Published Jan 25. 2022
Sleeping Trees
When the trees have lost all your leaves, their silhouettes reveal complex, sometimes very intricate patterns. It has something abstract and magical about it. Especially with a sky, as a background while the sun is setting.
Published Jan 16. 2022
Hidden Tower
Fresh snow, a cold morning, and a lookout tower. What a beautiful day to photograph.
Published Jan 15. 2022
Above the clouds
There is something magical about a sunrise on top of a mountain above the clouds. It's like standing in the heavens and looking down on the world. In the freezing cold, the trees covered with ice that glistens in the sunlight like a layer of crystals, you feel like you're in another world.
Published Jan 08. 2022
Published Dec 22. 2021
Published Dec 12. 2021
Published Dec 10. 2021
Published Dec 05. 2021
Snowcovered path
Published Dec 05. 2021
Winter has arrived
Published Nov 29. 2021
Peacefull morning
Published Nov 27. 2021
First Snow 2021