Everybody needs it, most people have it, often the look and usability is poor and mobile non-existent. A digital business card, a comprehensive internet presence, webshops or web application. I have been developing appealing and performant applications for the internet for many years.


Worldwide, more than 50% of all page impressions1) come from mobile devices. Increasingly, these are not just smartphones or tablets. More and more new devices, such as smartwatches, folding smartphones or VR glasses and screen formats are being added. In order for a web application to look good and be usable on all devices, it must be developed not only mobile-first but responsive. In other words, it must be able to adapt to the calling end device. Looking at each screen format individually would of course also drive up development time and costs. However, the sheer number of formats also makes this almost impossible. My applications are therefore always based on a responsive basis.

Depending on who the target group of the application is, a greater focus can be placed on certain screen formats. Is it a business application that will probably be accessed for the most part by employees of various companies via a desktop PC? Or is a web store to be developed for a particularly young target group that is more likely to own a smartphone than a computer. If the target group is sufficiently known, it is easy to focus on the appropriate formats and optimize accordingly.


Examples of websites designed and developed by me. These are all Wordpress based custom templates

Note to pictures: Images that are displayed on the websites I have created and presented here and that can be seen on any screenshots are subject to the copyright of the creator, which in this case is not necessarily me, Alexander Jungnikl. More detailed information can be found on the respective websites.

1) Source Statista: Anteil mobiler Endgeräte an allen Seitenaufrufen nach Regionen weltweit im Jahr 2020|Share of mobile devices in all page impressions by region worldwide in 2020